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Power Protection Products

Efficient Power Protection Products are offered by us. Latest technology and use of superior quality raw material make our products durable and they require low maintenance. Our power protection products are manufactured to provide protection from external and internal Lighting and against earthing. Our range of products include Easy Stream Emission (ESE), Dissipation Array Terminal in External Lighting Protection, Class B and Class C Internal Lighting protection and Earthing protection. Our esteemed clients can avail Power Protection Products at market leading prices.

¤ External Lightning Protection

External Lighting Protection is a necessity. Lighting, a natural phenomenon cannot be avoided but can be protected against. Two types of external lightning protection namely Advanced Lightning Prevention also called Early Stream Emission (ESE) and Advanced Lightning Capture System also called Dissipation Array System (DAS) are available. Protection is available against direct lightning. The equipments are capable of handling multi strikes of lightning of the order of 200KA at 10/350 microseconds waveforms. Dissipation of this energy to earth is done through low impedance copper down conductor & maintenance free earth pits.

Easy Stream Emission (ESE)

ESE is a innovative external lightning protection device, which is radio quiet and is active only during the lightning event. The system comes in two pieces which are put together and then mounted on a Mast with the help of an adapter. It can be installed on a tower, rooftop or on the sidewall of the building. The adapter provides for the fixture of the Down Conductor. A Lightning Counter is positioned in a manner through which the Down Conductor passes en-route to the pit. The Lightning Counter is positioned at a height just above the guard pipe, so that it can be can be easily monitored.
Easy Stream Emission (ESE)

Dissipation Array Terminal

We offer Dissipation Array Terminal that prevents lightning strikes, by reducing the local, storm-induced electric fields and hence protecting the area. Prevention from direct strikes also eliminates many secondary effects. These highly efficient DAT systems with grounding and surge technologies provide complete protection from lightning and other electrical phenomena. It also reduces the risk of electrical impulses on electrical service lines and control lines. Our Dissipation Array Terminals are available in different configurations, so that they can provide protection from lightening to structures in any industry. Common DAT application areas include buildings, utility towers, storage tanks, smoke stacks, offshore facilities etc.
Dissipation Array Terminal

¤ Internal Lightning Protection System

Pragati offers a selection of technologies and products for internal lighting protection that are available for transient protection of the mains power supply at the point of entry. Different types of internal lighting protection products offers are as follows:

Internal Lightning Class B Protection

We are the leading manufacturers & exporters of Internal Lightning Class B Protection.

Class B protection is for electrical & sensitive electronic devices against surge voltage. It is capable of handling surges of the order of 20KA at 8/20 using fuse less surge arrestor. The multistrike handling system, the operation is regulated by using an energy coordination coil.
Class B Protection

Class C Protection

Class C Protection is capable of handling surges of the order 20KA at8/20 micro second with the help of fuse less surge arrestors. The multi-strike handling system operation is regulated by using an energy coordinated coil.
Class C Protection

Telephone Line Protection Equipment

These are plug-in surge arrestors that protect communication network using line systems. These are designed using insulation pierced connections that have built- in fail-safe overload protection and surges up to 10 KA (average) at 8/20 microseconds.

The device provides four stage protections with combinations of GD Tube, MOV's, PTC and Surge suppressor diodes. The device operates in a fraction of a second with operating temperature range of 25C to + 80 C. It provides protection in four areas:- Radio Frequency Interface Protection, Computer Network Protection, Coaxial Cable Line protection and Data Line and server Protection.
Telephone Line Protection Equipment

¤ Earthing Products

Earthing Products

Good earth pits as specified by BIS / IEC are made using Copper Plates/Rods or GI Plates/Pipes. They are dug deep in the ground in different combinations. Earth Conductivity Enhancement Compound is used to make the pit the pits are maintenance free, as well as improve the soil conductivity by 3 – 20 times. Pits with low resistance, 2.0 ohms for lightning and less than 1ohm for equipments are recommended. The maintenance free earthing is advantageous as water pouring at regular intervals is not required, because it retains the moisture. It also maintains almost the same earth resistance value, regardless of soil and climatic condition.

  • Copper Clad MS electrode technology
  • Copper bus bars for excellent conductivity
  • Earth resistance value improves with time
  • Requires less space and time to install the earthing electrode
Earthing Products

Plating of Zink,Crome, Nickle & Copper
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